For Our Neighbors

Do you live in Somerville, Medford, Chinatown, or Grafton and want to know what Tufts events are open to the public?
We manage the Tufts Neighbors page. This site includes an up-to-date list of university resources and campus events open to the public. Be sure to bookmark it and check it often!

Looking for information about what Tufts does for its host communities?
Read our Community Reports to find out information about what Tufts does in its host communities. You will find information on financial contributions, volunteer work, partnerships with local agencies, programs offered to local students, and the benefits of being a neighbor.

So you live close to the campus and have a concern about the students who live next door? Are they having parties that last all night and are a noise disturbance in the neighborhood?
Contact us, we want to know when our students are causing disturbances off campus.
We handle all neighbor concerns – student related, noise disturbances, construction concerns, grounds issues, parking complaints, etc. Please contact us with any of your concerns. If the problem happens after hours and requires an immediate response, please call Tufts Public Safety at 617-627-3030.

Do you work for a non-profit agency looking to use space at Tufts for an upcoming event/meeting?
Non-profits located in our host communities who are looking to hold an event/meeting on campus are allowed to use space on campus. There is no rental fee but some other charges may apply. If you are a for-profit entity or a non-profit outside one of our host communities, please contact the Tufts Conference Bureau.

Interested in a grant opportunity that is offered to host community non-profit agencies?
The Tufts Neighborhood Service Fund (TNSF) is a giving option for members of the Tufts community during the Community Appeal. The fund is used to support our host communities and the important work being done by Tufts volunteers with community organizations in Medford, Somerville, Grafton and Boston’s Chinatown. Any proposal for projects or activities is welcome. Proposals are accepted from nonprofit agencies who serve one of our host communities and have a Tufts volunteer (this could be students, faculty and/or staff).