For Tufts Departments/Organizations

Does your department have surplus usable equipment that you would like to donate?
Let us know! We assist departments in finding new homes in our host communities for surplus items. We have a good idea of which local agencies are looking for useable PCs, functioning furniture, and other items.

Are you doing anything on the edge of campus that may impact the neighbors?
Please contact us. It is important and beneficial to let the abutters know about campus activity that is going on in their neighborhood. Contact us and we will help get the word out to the proper neighbors. We can also help connect you to the proper city departments if they need to be informed.

Are you a faculty member doing research or service in the community, a department administrator working with a local agency, or a student group helping a local non-profit?
Tell us about it! We track the university’s involvement in our host communities and report the information in Community Reports.

Are you a faculty member/department administrator/student group interested in participating in the Annual Tufts Community Day?
Visit the Community Day website and email Let us know what you are working on and how you would like to participate. We hope to give neighbors the chance to see more faculty and departmental work each year.

Is your department organizing an event that is open to the public and/or would be of interest to the local politicians? Are you wondering what is a good way to advertise to this population is?
We manage the Tufts Neighbors page, which lists campus events that are open to the public. If you would like your event listed, email with the name of the event, date/time, location, and url link to find more information. Community Relations also maintains up to date lists of a variety of community contacts, including local elected officials. We can help your department invite the appropriate community leaders to your event.

Have you have received your Tufts Community Appeal pledge form in the mail and want to donate to one of the local charities and want reassurance that you will obtain acknowledgement for your gift for tax purposes?
We will release your name and home address to the agency you donated to for gift acknowledgment purposes. If you do not want this information released for this purpose, you should initial the line at the bottom of the form to indicate so. If you have any other TCA related questions, please call x7-3780 or visit the TCA website.