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Living within close proximity you’ll find a university can be both positive and more challenging than other neighbors. Community Relations is committed to respecting the quality of life in neighborhoods abutting the campus. We will represent our abutters’ needs when dealing with issues that impact them, such as construction projects near the edges of the campus, noise disturbances, parking concerns, student related issues, grounds keeping, and more.

The Office of Government and Community Relations works with the Tufts University Police Department (TUPD), the Dean of Students, Facilities and other divisions of the university. We will work with neighbors to resolve any issue that is affecting their quality of life, whether it is the behavior of students living off-campus, parking violations or mowing that needs to be done at the edges of the campus.

Tufts will take steps to ensure that students know what to expect as renters and what is expected of them as good neighbors, especially because many of them will be living on their own for the first time. University jurisdiction is defined not by geography but by a student’s membership in the Tufts University community. An individual’s off-campus behavior, whether or not related to university activity, can be reported to the Dean of students for disciplinary action.

Students residing in surrounding communities are expected to comply with local noise regulations. Noise regulations are clearly defined in each city’s ordinance. A documented violation of community standards that brings the Police will result in a $300 fine to the apartment by the university for the first offense and may result in disciplinary action. Local police may impose additional sanctions and/or fines.

Neighborhood disturbances in either Medford or Somerville are often handled cooperatively by the municipal police department and the University Police. The municipalities may take appropriate action that may result in an arrest and/or referral of the matter to Tufts’ judicial affairs officer, who may impose disciplinary action. The above regulations apply to undergraduates as well as graduate students.

We are also very happy to help neighbors explore the many ways they can take advantage of university resources.

We welcome you to give us a call and introduce yourself to our department. We are always interested in meeting our neighbors and doing everything we can to make sure that Tufts is being a responsible citizen of the community.