Learning Together

Tufts STEM Ambassadors share their passion and excitement with high school students in local schools. They spark students’ curiosity through hands-on activities and inspire young women, people of color, and first-generation college bound students to consider a STEM path for themselves.

It was life-changing.

Josiah Quincy Upper School Student

400+ local students and their families attend Read by the River in a typical year
200+ area high school students participated in the annual Region IV Science & Engineering Fair, sponsored by Tufts in 2020
12+ local schools where kids access free tutoring in math, science, and literacy from hundreds of Tufts undergraduate, graduate, medical, dental, nutrition, and veterinary students

Jumbo Impact

Free medical care. Thousands of Tufts community volunteers. Pooled testing for 8,000+ local students. Learn more about the University's impact on it's host communities.