Healthier Together

Tufts University’s reputation for health sciences innovation extends to many unique community partnerships, from free medical care at The Sharewood Project to Jumbo’s Kitchen cooking classes for kids led by nutrition and medical students.

Everyone deserves equal healthcare access and it starts with getting people the information they need about their health.

Jocelyn Vuong, M24, TCWI Volunteer

400+ kids receive dental care from Tufts at their school through the Boston Public Schools Dental Program
100+ Volunteer animal-handler teams trained by Paws for People at the Cummings School of Veterinary Medicine visit with community members in nursing homes, mental health care settings, hospitals, youth group homes, public schools, libraries, and elsewhere.
$28M saved by community members annually through discounted services at the Tufts Dental Clinic

Jumbo Impact

Free medical care. Thousands of Tufts community volunteers. Pooled testing for 8,000+ local students. Learn more about the University's impact on it's host communities.