Living Off Campus?

Tufts expects students living off-campus to be respectful neighbors in the community.  Students who behave inappropriately off-campus or violate the standards in the student handbook will face disciplinary action.  To report an issue with Tufts students living off-campus, please contact our office at 617-627-3780 and/or .  For emergencies or issues that arise on nights or weekends, please contact the Tufts University Police Department (TUPD) at 617-627-3030

The office of Government and Community Relations (GCR) has prepared A Guide to Living Off-Campus for our students.  This brochure is distributed to students living off-campus every Fall. 

If you own property near our campuses and would like to rent to Tufts students, faculty, or staff, please visit our Off-Campus Housing Website.

Off-Campus Living Guide