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The office of Government and Community Relations (GCR) is pleased to offer campus space to local community organizations seeking space for events, meetings, or other activities. Spaces are available on our Medford/Somerville and Boston campuses. Organizations that are eligible to request space on campus include:

  • 501(c)3 non-profits based in our host communities of Medford, Somerville and Boston
  • Municipal/governmental organizations (Police, Fire, Public Schools, Elected Officials, etc.) based in our host communities of Medford, Somerville and Boston

Organizations can host one meeting, event or activity on campus per year, and requests for space usage are evaluated on a case-by case basis. We consider a variety of factors when determining whether your request can be accommodated. Factors considered include, but are not limited to:

  • Room availability/capacity
  • Proposed date and time of your event
  • Required additional services such as furniture rentals, custodial needs, audio visual requirements, catering, etc.
  • Event costs and budget
  • Public safety/security implications

If you are not a 501(c)3 organization or municipal/government agency, we recommend that you contact Tufts Conference and Event Services at 617-627-3568 or Our office does not have the capacity to host large scale events. If you expect more than 250 people to attend your event, you should contact Tufts Conference and Event Services


What kinds of spaces are available?

Our campuses have a variety of spaces including small meeting rooms, classrooms, auditoriums and reception spaces. Many kinds of events can be arranged including meetings, retreats, luncheons, receptions, performances, movie screenings, presentations, etc. Please note that all programming and events must be free. Event organizers may not charge admission, sell tickets, or serve alcohol at programs hosted on campus. Please contact the office of Government and Community Relations at 617-627-3780 to discuss different options.

Does Tufts have space to host regular standing meetings for my organization?

Unfortunately, we are not able to accommodate regular standing meetings. Organizations may request space for an event or activity once per year, although additional requests may be considered on an individual basis.

Are there costs for non-profits to use space and services on campus?

Room rental fees are waived for non-profits; however, organizations are responsible for charges for equipment/furniture rental, audio-visual support, catering, custodial needs, security details, special accommodations, etc. Government & Community Relations will coordinate with internal departments to arrange additional services required for your event, and we will provide any available estimates of costs. Following your event, our office will send you an itemized invoice.

When should I submit a space request?

We ask that meeting/event planners submit space requests as early as possible in advance of your proposed event date as rooms are in high demand and additional services require lead-time to coordinate, schedule and staff. We recommend making initial inquiries with a minimum of 6-8 weeks advanced notice, and further in advance for events requiring additional services.

To inquire about using space on campus for your community or municipal organization, please contact the office of Government and Community Relations at:

617-627-3780 or