Cherish Chinatown Restaurant Challenge

  • Tufts Student, Faculty & Staff
  • Boston
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From November 15 through December 15, Tufts’ Cherish Chinatown is organizing a challenge for the entire Tufts university community to join. The goal? Support small businesses in Boston’s Chinatown, the vibrant and diverse home of our Health Sciences Campus. Like all Chinatowns across the US, Boston’s Chinatown was negatively impacted by the combined effects of the COVID-19 pandemic and anti-Asian sentiment. Many Asian-owned restaurants were forced to close their doors permanently. As neighbors and friends of Chinatown, we at Tufts want to continue to show up for our neighborhood. To this end, we are hosting the 3rd Annual Cherish Chinatown Challenge, a fun and delicious month-long event.

Tufts University's Cherish Chinatown Challenge

How It Works

  • Tufts University students, faculty, and staff members order from a locally owned Chinatown restaurant or bakery from November 15- December 15. Dine-in or place an order for take-out/delivery.
  • For every purchase you make at a small business in Chinatown during the challenge, you will be eligible for a raffle entry.
  • To enter the raffle, complete this short form each time you make a purchase. There is no limit to how many times you may enter, as long as you are logging new purchases.

Raffle Prizes

  • Weekly winners: Each Monday of the challenge, we will announce 4 raffle winners. Winners will each receive a $25 gift card to a Chinatown restaurant. Winners will be notified via email to claim their prize.
  • Grand prize winners: To sweeten the challenge, all participants will be automatically eligible to receive one of two grand prizes: one grand prize winner will receive $250 gift card to Shojo, and another grand prize winner will receive $250 to spend at a Chinatown restaurant or bakery of choice for a Tufts office or club/class gathering. Winners will be notified via email to claim their prize.

Restaurant Options

Cherish Chinatown is a Tufts University initiative that was started in spring 2021 by dental and medical students with support from the office of Government and Community Relations and Tisch College. The aim is to (1) educate Tufts students and employees about the history and cultural importance of Boston’s Chinatown and to (2) organize community engagement opportunities that support Chinatown residents, small businesses, and non-profit organizations in conjunction with Chinatown leaders.

2023 Student Leaders

  • Brittany Chloe Tope-Ojo , Friedman School of Nutrition and Science Policy
  • Grant Dong, School of Medicine
  • Keara Geckeler, School of Medicine
  • Kayla L. Green, School of Dental Medicine
  • Jake Kwon, School of Medicine
  • Ana Maafs, Friedman School of Nutrition and Science Policy
  • Anthony Mark, School of Medicine
  • Raine Morris, School of Dental Medicine
  • Ceileigh Weaver, School of Medicine

Staff Advisors

  • Leah Boudreau, Community Program Specialist, Government & Community Relations
  • Rocco DiRico, Executive Director, Government & Community Relations
  • Jennifer Greer-Morrissey, Civic Life Manager, Health Sciences, Tisch College of Civic Life
  • Awes Hassan, Civic Life Coordinator, Health Sciences, Tisch College of Civic Life
  • Lorena Leza, Staff Assistant, Government and Community Relations
  • Nancy Marks, Tisch/TUSDM Community Service Program Coordinator, School of Dental Medicine
  • Liza Perry, Deputy Director, Government & Community Relations

2022 Cherish Chinatown Results

  • During the 2022 Cherish Chinatown Challenge, Tufts University students, faculty, and staff members logged over 500 purchases at small businesses in Boston’s Chinatown during the month-long Cherish Chinatown Challenge.
  • The purchases were made at 90 different small businesses in the neighborhood.
  • The office of Government & Community Relations purchased 21 gift cards from local small businesses in Chinatown that were used as prizes for challenge winners.