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Tufts University’s Community Audit Program is offered by the Office of Government & Community Relations in partnership with University College through Courses at Tufts. The cost to audit a course for eligible community members is $245 plus a (once per academic year) $65 registration fee. Courses taken on an audit basis are not for university credit.

Program Description and Eligibility

The School of Arts & Sciences and School of Engineering are pleased to offer an 80% discount off the regular audit cost ($1,300) to the following:  

  • Residents of Medford/Somerville
  • Educators working in Medford/Somerville Public Schools

The School of the Museum of Fine Arts is pleased to offer a 75% discount off the regular audit cost ($995) to the following:

  • Residents of the 02115, 02120, and 02215 zip codes
  • Educators working in the Public Schools located in 02115, 02120 and 02215 zip codes

The Community Audit discount may be applied to a maximum of 1 course per semester. In the event that the course you wish to audit reaches its enrollment maximum or is wait-listed, matriculated Tufts students will be given registration priority and the course may no longer be open to auditors. Please note that classes offered on an audit basis are subject to prerequisites and enrollment limits at the discretion of the instructor and registrar, and not all courses are offered on an audit basis. The following courses/programs are excluded from the community audit program:

  • Workshop courses
  • Early Childhood Technology (ECT) program
  • Courses at the Gordon Institute
  • Courses in the Teacher Engineering Education Program (TEEP)
  • Select courses/programs not listed above at instructor's discretion

High school student residents are eligible to audit select courses that have been approved by the faculty member. To browse available courses, see below.

Registration/Application Process, Summer and Fall 2024

  1. Please submit your application by the registration deadline, July 2 and September 3, for Summer and Fall, respectively.
  2. To browse courses which are offered on an audit basis to Medford/Somerville community auditors, please see:  Medford/Somerville Audit Courses
  3. To browse courses which are offered on an audit basis to SMFA at Tufts community auditors (applicable zip codes above), please see: SMFA Audit Courses
  4. To browse courses offered to High School student community residents, please see: Courses open to High School Students
  5. If you are not sure if the course you are interested in is open to auditors, email:
  6. Once you have selected a course, complete the community auditor application for the corresponding semester to confirm your eligibility for the Community Audit Discount:
  7. Once your application has been approved, you will receive a Community Audit discount code.
  8. Register for your course by logging into your account, adding the course to your cart and follow the prompts to apply the discount code. When checking out, be sure to select “Non-Credit Auditor” as the enrollment type and check the box marked “Apply a discount” to enter your code. ­


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