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We invite nonprofit organizations that are based in Tufts’ host communities (Boston, Grafton, Medford, and Somerville) to request an event sponsorship. A typical sponsorship from Tufts University is for $1,000 or less.  Each organization is only eligible for one sponsorship per fiscal year. 

All event sponsorship requests are considered on a rolling basis, but we ask that you submit your request at least one month in advance of your deadline.

    • Be a 501c3 nonprofit organization (or a government agency, K-12 public school, etc.)
    • Be based in Boston, Grafton, Medford, or Somerville
    • Provide services or address an issue that benefits the community at large (environmental preservation, food insecurity, services for the unhoused, educational and art programs, etc.)
    • Youth sports teams or leagues
    • Statewide or nationwide organizations
    • Political campaigns or fundraisers
    • Golf tournaments
    • Scholarship funds

Submit a Sponsorship Request

Please note it is important that sponsorship recipients recognize the donation from Tufts University in their event publicity materials, on their website, and/or on social media.  Recipients may tag both @TuftsUniversity and @TuftsCommunity. The office of Government and Community Relations will provide the official Tufts logo  or custom artwork for inclusion in event materials.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact the office of Government and Community Relations by emailing communityrelations@tufts.edu or by calling 617-627-3780.