2015 Tufts Neighborhood Service Fund Recipients

April 1, 2015

The Tufts Neighborhood Service Fund (TNSF) committee awarded grants to 3 organizations in Chinatown, 4 organizations in Grafton, 15 programs in Medford, 16 organizations in Somerville.

TNSF collects donations from university employees throughout the year and then awards grants to community-based, charitable organizations that serve Tufts’ host communities (Somerville, Medford, Grafton and Boston’s Chinatown) and that actively engage Tufts volunteers in their work.

A committee comprised of Tufts administrators, faculty and staff meets annually to review proposals and select grant recipients. In 2015, there was a total of $18,500 available to distribute through TNSF. The committee received 53 proposals representing more than $79,000 in requests and selected 38 programs and projects for awards. Members of the TNSF committee base their decisions on a desire to address the most pressing needs in the communities and to encourage expanded involvement of Tufts volunteers.

The Chinatown grant recipients for 2015 are:

  • Asian American Civic Association – $500 for T-pass costs for their Workforce Development Program.
  • Chinatown Cultural Center – $500 to continue to develop a vision for the Chinatown library.
  • Greater Boston Chinese Golden Age Center- $1000 to develop a comprehensive program to increase awareness of cancer prevention in Chinese American community.

The Grafton grant recipients for 2015 are:

  • Apple Tree Arts – $250 for their senior chorus program.
  • Community Harvest Project – $1000 for bus transportation for locals to attend their nutrition programs.
  • Grafton Senior Center – $500 for free medical van rides for Grafton seniors and disabled persons.
  • James Outreach at St. James Church – $2000 to continue the program of assisting children, adults, and seniors with basic needs.

The Medford grant recipients for 2015 are:

  • Coalition for Arts, Culture, and a Healthy Economy (CACHE) – $300 towards the 5th annual Circle the Square program.
  • Community Conservation Education Partnership at Medford High School – $300 for Walkie Talkies for teachers to use while exploring the Fells with students.
  • Community Cupboard Food Pantry – $1000 for food for their Food Pantry.
  • English at Large – $250 for One-on-One tutoring and Conversation Group programs.
  • Friends of Medford Community Gardens – $254 for a picnic table at the Condon Community Garden.
  • Friends of the Medford Public Library – $250 for the Community Read program.
  • Housing Families – $250 for supplies for their After-School Photography Program.
  • Medford Boys and Girls Club – $500 for continued support for the “Art Attack” program.
  • Medford Council on Aging – $390 for reception area equipment for seniors.
  • Medford Family Resource Coalition – $500 for Welcome to Kindergarten bags.
  • Medford Middle School String Ensemble – $260 to purchase a microphone.
  • Mystic River Watershed Association – $400 to host two Earth Day River Cleanups.
  • The Community Family – $500 to support the Activity Program at the Medford Center.
  • West Medford Community Center – $300 to purchase folding tables and $500 to help install the West Medford Afro-African Remembrance Project exhibit at the Center.

The Somerville grant recipients for 2015 are:

  • CASPAR, Inc. – $500 to provide clean beds at their shelter.
  • City of Somerville Health & Human Services Department – $500 towards a series of Community Conversations on Race and Racism.
  • Community Action Agency of Somerville – $500 to support the Homeless Prevention Program.
  • Friends of the Community Growing Center, Inc. – $500 for materials to install raised beds.
  • Groundwork Somerville – $500 for construction of a greenhouse at the South Street Farm
  • Just-A-Start House – $500 to support program activities.
  • Mystic Learning Center, Inc. – $250 to support their Garden Club afterschool program.
  • RESPOND, Inc. – $200 for gift cards for survivors.
  • Somerville Boys & Girls Club at Healey School – $500 to implement a Scrapbooking Club.
  • Somerville Cares About Prevention – $200 to create a Social Hub for youth and adult members.
  • Somerville Community Access Television – $200 to produce videos with Teen Empowerment.
  • Somerville Food Security Coalition – $400 for kitchen supplies.
  • Somerville Homeless Coalition – $400 to help with the cost of moving Project Soup.
  • Somerville YMCA – $500 to incorporate the Afterschool Y Readers program.
  • Somerville YMCA Preschool – $500 to bring in an outside music enrichment program.
  • Somerville-Cambridge Elder Services, Inc. – $300 for their evening, weekend, and emergency home-delivered Meal-on-Wheels Program.