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COVID-19 Updates

How is Tufts working with the community?

To learn all about Tufts' community partnerships during this pandemic, click here.

What is the visitor policy at Tufts?

You can find the most up to date visitor policy here.

How is Tufts supporting local healthcare providers?

To learn about how Tufts is supporting local healthcare providers, click here.

Is Tufts still offering testing to neighbors?

The Tufts Community Testing Program ended on December 15th at the conclusion of the fall academic semester. More than 1,400 free COVID-19 tests were provided to Medford/Somerville campus neighbors during the duration of the program. The Community Testing Program will not continue in the spring 2021 semester. We will use all of our testing capacity, staffing and resources to provide COVID-19 tests for the public schools in Medford and Somerville.

Neighbors and Community Partners

For Our Neighbors

I live in Boston, Grafton, Medford, or Somerville and I want to know what Tufts events are open to the public. Where can I I find information on events that are open to the public?

We are always sharing events on our Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and in our monthly newsletter.  Be sure to like us, follow us, and subscribe to our newsletter for information about upcoming events that are open to the public!

I'm looking for information about what Tufts does for its host communities. Where can I find that information?

Read our Community Reports to find out information about what Tufts does in its host communities. You will find information on financial contributions, volunteer work, partnerships with local agencies, programs offered to local students, and the benefits of being a neighbor.

I live close to the campus and have a concern about the students who live next door. What should I do?

Contact us at 617-627-3780 and/or, we want to know when our students are causing disturbances off campus. We handle all neighbor concerns -  noise disturbances, construction concerns, grounds issues, etc. Please contact us with any of your concerns. If the problem happens after normal business hours and requires an immediate response, please call Tufts Public Safety at 617-627-3030.

I work for a non-profit organization that is looking to use space at Tufts for an upcoming event/meeting. How can I reserve space on campus?

Typically, non-profits in our host communities are welcome to request space on campus. The Government and Community Relations team reviews all requests on a rolling basis and waive fees when it is applicable.  To maintain the health, safety, and wellbeing of our community, the university is currently not allowing any visitors to campus.

I'm interested in a grant opportunity that is offered to host community non-profit agencies. What grant opportunities available?

The Tufts Community Grants program is a giving option for members of the Tufts community during the Tufts Community Appeal. The fund is used to support our host communities and the important work being done by Tufts volunteers with community organizations in Medford, Somerville, Grafton and Boston’s Chinatown. Any proposal for projects or activities is welcome. Proposals are accepted from nonprofit agencies who serve one of our host communities and have a Tufts volunteer (this could be students, faculty and/or staff).

How can I submit a sponsorship request for my nonprofit's event?

Tufts University provides a limited number of event sponsorships for nonprofit organizations that serve our host communities (Boston, Grafton, Medford, and/or Somerville). All sponsorship requests are considered on a rolling basis, but we ask that you submit your request at least one month in advance of your deadline. You can submit a request here.

Staff, Faculty, and Students

For Tufts Departments/Organizations

My department have surplus usable equipment that we would like to donate. How can we distribute this equipment to the local community?

Let us know! We assist departments in finding new homes in our host communities for surplus items. We have a good idea of which local agencies are looking for useable computers, functioning furniture, and other items.

I'm doing something on campus that may impact the neighbors. How should I got about notify them?

Please contact us. It is important and beneficial to let the abutters know about campus activity that is going on in their neighborhood. Contact us and we will help get the word out to neighbors. We can also help connect you to city departments if they need to be informed.

I'm a faculty member/department administrator/student group interested in participating in the Annual Tufts Community Day. Who should I contact to get involved?

Visit the Community Day website, email, or call us at 617-627-3780. Let us know what you are working on and how you would like to participate. We hope to give neighbors the chance to see all of the great work that our students, faculty, and staff are engaged

My department organizing an event that is open to the public and/or would be of interest to the local politicians. What is a good way to advertise to this population is?

We manage the @TuftsCommunity page on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, and we produce a monthly newsletter that reaches more than 2,000 neighbors, community partners, and elected officials. If you want the office of Government and Community Relations to help promote your event, email with the name of the event, date, time, location, and a link to find more information. Community Relations also maintains up to date lists of a variety of community contacts, including local elected officials. We can help your department invite the appropriate community leaders to your event.

I'm a Tufts employee interested in making a gift during the annual Tufts Community Appeal (TCA). How can I do that?

Consider making a gift to the Tufts Community Grants (TCG) program, which will fund grants for non-profits in Tufts’ host communities of Boston, Grafton, Medford and Somerville. Also consider a gift to Financial Aid to support deserving Tufts students. Or make a gift to any department, program, scholarship, sports team, or other initiative at Tufts University that is important to you. All TCA gifts are tax deductible.  If you have any other TCA related questions, please call 617-627-3780 or visit the TCA website.